Lolly's Yarn Is Published - Finally!

My book Lolly's Yarn was officially unleashed on the 4th of November, 2010, at the GPS (Goodfellow Publishing Services) Book Launch Celebration at the Wright House in Mesa. Not only did seven talented women, of which I include myself, launch their newly-published books, but they joined in a Writers Unite to Fight Cancer Silent Auction event and each donated part, and sometimes all, of the proceeds from their individual book sales. Here are some photos...

My son David snapped this photo by the book table as I spoke with my niece Melanie Liljenquist, from Gold Bar, Washington. I'm somehow balancing a book while fanning out a handful of bookmarks for her to choose a color.

Dr. Pamela Goodfellow, the mastermind behind this book launch, our teacher, our mentor, our editor, our producer, and our friend, is introducing me as the first author on the program. That's probably because I'm the oldest, the slowest, and alphabetically first. She said some very nice things I wish I'd had somebody record.

Many of the authors had book trailers to show, but my family and I didn't get around to mine. So I sang instead. I commandeered my son Wayne to accompany me on the guitar. The photo David took makes me wonder who sang and who just listened.

The song I chose had nothing to do with the theme for the evening. It's one I made up some thirty or so years ago. I devised a tune for the verse, and borrowed the chorus tune from an old Dutch folk song. I know it better as, "Sing Your Way Home." I call it my fat song, though I titled it "Sing My Way Slim." If anybody asks for the words, I'd be happy to post them.

I like this shot. I can't seem to look that good even when I'm posing in front of a mirror. My sister-in-law Patt did a great job brushing my hair, and I never see quite that color in a looking glass. I like it. This shot might have been between verses.

It looks like I'm waving some kind of half-circle, brown banner, but I'm still clutching my favorite book-signing pen, and there's a pillow on a couch behind Wayne's chair. And they say a camera never lies.

This must be the finale. Maybe. Had I not been the first author on the program, I'd have been reminded to talk about cancer, give thanks or even think of something profound. As it was, I smiled, maybe bowed a tad, and handed back the microphone.

Here's our amazing (or amazed) group. Back row, left to right: Lisa Finder, Louise Laughlin, Pamela Goodfellow, Carrie Goodfellow, Margaret Turley, Barbara Lofgreen.
Front row: Cindy Williams at the harp and yours truly.

I dearly love all these lovely women with whom I've studied, worked and played. Each of them has gone the second mile to aid me, and I extend my thanks. I'd love to talk about each of them, but for now I'll just pick one. Margaret, who also serves as Pamela Goodfellow's administrative assistant, outdid herself with the work and passion she put into this book launch, especially the fund-raising for cancer research. She is already planning more events to benefit further research.

Anna Arnett

4 Comments on
Lolly's Yarn Is Published - Finally!
  1. On Wednesday, November 17, 2010
    Karlene Blair wrote...

    Once again Mom, by your example you have shown us that one can do whatever one wants to, no matter what. You're the Best Mom ever! LOVE YOU!

  2. On Tuesday, January 18, 2011
    Valerie Steimle-Foy wrote...

    How wonderful. I was so wrapped up in my son's wedding I didn't even read about this. Thanks for reminding us.
    Looks like you had such a wonderful time. Hope you sold lots of books.

  3. On Sunday, February 27, 2011
    Naoma Burnham Wiscombe wrote...

    I was so happy to read about your book in the Beehive newspaper and then on your website. The pictures are great. I'd love to know the words to "Sing My Way Slim"!

    • On Thursday, March 10, 2011
      Anna Arnett replied...

      Thank you for responding. It makes me feel more like posting when I get a comment. Yes, I appreciated the Beehive article. Cindy did a nice job. Maybe more than I deserve, but who am I to quarrel with the printed word?

      I thought maybe I'd put the words to "Sing My Way Slim" in Lolly's Yarn, but I guess either I didn't, or it got cut. Perhaps I'll put it on one of my next blogs. If and when I get around to it. You'll note I'm rather slow at responding to you. I like to blame it on my age. It really does take me about twice as long to do almost everything I do than it took only a few years ago. Little things, like standing up, kneeling, walking, etc. However, I can usually talk as fast.

  4. On Wednesday, March 9, 2011
    Joan Nelson wrote...

    I too, would love to know the words to "Sing My Way Slim"! I wish it was that easy.

    • On Thursday, March 10, 2011
      Anna Arnett replied...

      You wish what was that easy, Joan? With two asking for the words to "Sing My Way Slim" I'm convinced. I'll post the words. Thanks for asking. Thanks for commenting.

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