"Just A Woman" Romping Through Poetry with Anna Laurene Arnett

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Anna Laurene Arnett

Anna Laurene Arnett

Anna, age 89, began memorizing poems before she started school, and still recites on demand. She wrote her first poem in 1962 and since has delighted people young and old with her poetry, stories and memoirs.

Anna is called many things. The better epithets are: wise, delightful, adorable, eager, an eternal optimist, faithful, forgiving, a friend to all she meets, a walking dictionary with a wealth of knowledge and always seeking more.

When asked, "How are you?" she replies, "I'm happy," and she is, because she chooses to nourish happy thoughts.

Anna has assembled in Just A Woman many of not only her own poems, but others written by relatives and friends – all women – to enhance a voyage of poetic enlightenment. She's commented on every poem either with a personal anecdote or something she has learned about poetic forms and how to read, write and appreciate poetry. You're sure to find her romp through poetry a rewarding and enriching one. She knows she has.

Just A Woman

What more could anyone want than to be or to have Just A Woman to love? These easy to read rhymes (each with Anna's comment) teem with wisdom, knowledge and best of all, downright fun. In her own witty way, Anna tells how you can better read, enjoy, or even write your own poetry.

With Just A Woman, her first collection of poems, Anna celebrates life, nature, and many hoods: including childhood, womanhood, motherhood, fatherhood. The book is upbeat, uplifting, and carries a money-back guarantee by the author that you will find at least one thing to enjoy, quote or commit to memory.

Reader Comments

"Anna Arnett's poetry shows her faith, her wit, and her deep understanding of womanhood."
– C. J. Hill, author
"Anna's poetry is delightful. I found the Poem a Day section an informative and engaging teaching tool. Smiles abound on every page."
– Cindy R. Williams, award winning author
"Fun poems that will make you giggle, think, and reflect on the goodness of life."
– Janette Rallison, President, ANWA

Love for poetry probably began before birth, when we lay snuggled in mother's womb, listening to the rhythmic beat of her heart, the gurgling of her digestive system, the swish of amniotic fluid.

We enjoyed lullabies well before we knew speech.

Baby talk is poetic, using as few words as possible.

The children's books we listened to and later read were likewise poetic, whether or not they rhymed.

Consider some dictionary definitions regarding poetry: imaginative, rhythmic, condensed, vivid, intense, emotional, and some nobility of language.

Sometimes poems even rhyme.

What is your favorite kind of poetry?

Singing in church?

Laughing at limericks?

Romantic poems?

Narrative poems?

Cowboy poetry?

Whatever you like best you'll find some in
Just A Woman.


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