Poem-A-Day for the Month of April - Day 30: Another Cinquain

Day 30: Another Cinquain
1st line ~ two syllables – the subject (or title) of your poem.
2nd line ~ four syllables that describe the title/subject.
3rd line ~ six syllables that express action.
4th line ~ eight syllables that express a thought or feeling.
5th line ~ two syllables – synonym for the title
(restates your subject using a different word).

Poems. I accepted the challenge and wrote at least one controlled verse every day, all month long and it pleases me to call them poems.

What better subject for today than Nation Poetry Month...

In Honor Of National Poetry Month
This year, April
found me writing daily.
Thoughts and talk romped in rhythmic rhymes.

National Poetry Month was inaugurated in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture. It's hardly known to more than a handful of people, and is promoted in different ways by different groups. In my case, it was Stephanie Abney of ANWA, or American Night Writers Association, that led the charge within the organization as a way to expand our horizons and hone our writing skills.

Thank you, Stephanie.

If you were to ask if I had kept up with a poem a day, I'd probably hang my head as I whisper my no. I need a challenge where I report to somebody or other. When I mark out a plan for myself, my subconscious seems to whisper, if you made the rule, you can either keep it or break it with impunity. It’s just yours and nobody else cares. I'm not counting the plans that go awry. I'm simply amazed at the ones that reach fruition.

Perhaps I’m a poet. Perhaps merely a poetaster (have fun looking that one up).

Anna Arnett

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