Poem-A-Day for the Month of April - Day 29: Five W's

Day 29: Five W's
Answer the questions; Who, What, Where, When & Why.
This can be a sweet poem, a silly one, or a serious one, depending on what you fill in.

As usual, this one didn't seem to present any great difficulty, until I sat myself down to actually begin writing.

I tried several times to fill in the five W's, but none satisfied me until later in the evening when I voluntarily helped my great-granddaughters with the dishes. On my way back upstairs, this rhyme came to me, full blown.

Doing Dishes
Jonathan Jeremy Alowicious,
Helps his sisters do the dishes
Working at the kitchen sink
As the sun begins to sink,
Just because — because he wishes.

As I have mentioned to my kids on more than one occasion, it is so much more fun to volunteer than to be ordered.

Along the same token, this Poem-A-Day challenge has been so much more fun having voluntarily embraced it.

Anna Arnett

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