Poem-A-Day for the Month of April - Day 25: Quinzai

Day 25: Quinzai
This is unrhymed, with 3 lines, 15 syllables (7-5-3).
The first line makes a statement and the next two ask a question.

I quickly read the instructions, but did not take the time to ponder them. The result was, and always is, that I got a little mixed up and did things 'my' way instead of the 'proper' way.

Here's the unfolding of my thought process...

Church, My Filling Station
I go to church on Sunday
For spiritual

Oops. Reread the instructions.
Must have a statement and a question.

Why go to church on Sunday?
For spiritual

No, no. The statement comes first, then the question.
Like when giving instructions to one of the kids.

Each Sunday, I go to church.
Why this constant need
To renew?

In terms of communicating a heart-felt message, I prefer my first one. Too bad it didn't meet the day's requirements.

Although my second attempt keeps the spirit of the first, it does not do so as smoothly, and again misses the assignment.

And though the third one fits the assignment, it seems to have strayed a bit from the essence conveyed in the first. It now seems to question my need to continue going to church at all, the opposite of my intent.

Obviously, I felt compelled to rework the message of the first instead of composing new topics as I hurriedly reread the instructions.

If you are truly observant, you've probably noticed this propensity of mine to leap before looking, a trait shared, no doubt, by countless others.

I have (and suspect this is universal) one room that always remains at least partially vacant. It's the room for improvement.

Sometimes it's partially filled with people like me standing around, hoping.

Anna Arnett

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