Poem-A-Day for the Month of April - Day 24: Free Verse

Day 24: Free Verse
This form groups lines together in thought and sensitivity, but not in rhyme, length or meter.

In case you are wondering, neither free nor blank verse actually rhyme, but they are not synonymous.

Blank verse is standardized into a line length and rhythm called iambic pentameter (which gives it five da-DUMs in a row...

Spring, 2011
Three weeks ago
We celebrated
Our Savior's birth,
His death,
And resurrection
By attending
To the words
Of living prophets.
Today, we sing for joy,
Praise His name,
And renew
Our covenants.

Obviously, I felt "free" to express pleasure in my religious choices, something I've done on more than one occasion in these Poem-A-Day blogs and in my book.

I would never hold it against anyone who disagreed with me.

Anna Arnett

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