Poem-A-Day for the Month of April - Day 22: Free Verse About Earth

Day 22: Free Verse About Earth
Have fun with this one.

Hmmm... "Free verse about Earth" doesn't give me a lot to go on. On second though, it gives me an entire world to go on.

So without restrictions or boundaries, and determined to have fun with it, here I go...

Was created
And furnished with
Every type
Of plant,
Insect and animal,
And given life-supporting
Light and darkness,
Atmosphere and
As a fitting
For mankind
To flourish upon
And protect.

I wrote this in one very long, compound sentence, although each line begins with a capital letter. At least one college professor I've studied extolled the use of long, cumulative sentences, and I admit they are a joy to compose.

Equally challenging are long sentences in poetry in spite of the fact that one definition of poetry is the art of saying the most with the least words.

On second thought, one statement does not negate the other. I'm not sure which is better, more fun, or challenging. Perhaps trying to combine or at least utilize both forms separately is most fulfilling for me.

Anna Arnett

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