Poem-A-Day for the Month of April - Day 21: Rictameter

Day 21: Rictameter
Here's another Japanese form counting syllables in 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2 order.

I looked up Rictameter and found that it was devised by a couple of cousins and entered into a poetry contest in the early 1990's. This information quite startled me, and I've pondered it for some time. If a new poetic form came to be accepted then, what new forms might we have to look forward to? Or even devise? Could you or I be next to popularize a new rhythmic pattern?

At any rate, this was a new form for me, but about as easy to write as any other...

More Duty
After a day
Of catching up with all
Things that I procrastinated,
Hoping that tomorrow would bring more time.
Yet, each day garners its own needs,
So I must work at night
Even when I
Need sleep.

My entry now reminds me of what my days were like in April, 2011.

Things haven't changed much.

Anna Arnett

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