Poem-A-Day for the Month of April - Day 20: Rhyming Poem

Day 20: Rhyming Poem
Write at least four lines, alternating a-b-a-b pattern.

The pattern is a rather common one. The meter or syllables for lines one and two are repeated for lines three and four. Hey, I can do that in a snap.

But some days are a bit more hectic than others. Today was one of those that left me without a lot of time to spare. You can sense here what kind of day I'd had, and how little time I found to devote to this assignment...

My busy day precluded pause,
And even though it's night,
I still can't go to bed, because
I have this poem to write.

The subject matter may have been hurried and I settled for the minimum of four lines, but at least I'm quite satisfied with the flow. If nothing else, the title Duty served to remind me of the commitment I made when accepting this Poem-A-Day challenge.

I gave up correcting my word processor's spelling and grammar features that insist on capitalizing the first letter of every line it recognizes as a poem. Really, what difference does it make after one has learned to read poetry like a story? Besides, I not only like, but also need spell-check. It's a proven fact that we often see what we expect to see instead of what is actually there. Computers mindlessly point out every perceived flaw, though editors and readers are true critics.

Anna Arnett

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