Poem-A-Day for the Month of April - Day 19: Alliteration

Day 19: Alliteration
Pick a letter and use it as often as possible throughout whatever style of poem you want.

This exercise brought its own delight...

The Sound Of El
I long to lose myself in loveliness
Along the lengthy, lonely lane
Leading to life and lasting love.
Electric lights blink below,
Reflected in limpid pools
Like lucid lines of luster
Allowing eclectic thoughts
To linger long.
I belong with legions of loyal followers
Who love the Lord and listen
With loathing as the bells
Of hell peal loud and long,
Laboring to lead foolish souls
To lose light ... and love ... and song.

I got rather carried away with the challenge of using el sounds, and fear I overdid. It probably reads more like an exercise than a poem.

When using alliteration, either consonance of assonance, two or three is a row might be very pleasing. After that it begins to call attention to itself, and a whole poem-full longer than half a dozen lines could get downright tiring. In almost everything, including writing, variation charms.

Anna Arnett

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