Poem-A-Day for the Month of April - Day 17: Nature Personified

Day 17: Nature Personified
Use personification, by giving human qualities to something that is not a person. Any length poem is acceptable.

As far back as Aesop, the technique of personification has been a part of language. It's quite natural to give human attributes to cats, dogs, birds and goldfish, but we don't stop there, granting the same to inanimate objects and even concepts:

Love is blind.
  A rock stands sentinel.
    Time marches on.
      The ground gets thirsty.
        Flowers lift their faces.

But today's assignment is to apply personification to nature.
Infrequent as it may be in Arizona, here I go...

All Hail To Hail
Hail bounces in with
Staccato drums on
Fields and homes.
It teases or rips,
And suddenly stops.

You'll notice personification popping up constantly in everyday conversation...

Traffic grinds to a halt.
  A book beckons.
    Your computer refuses to cooperate.
      Raindrops dance across the patio.
        The sun greets a new day.
          Jealousy rears its ugly head.
            The facts speak for themselves.

Even the term Mother Nature is a personification, isn't it?

Anna Arnett

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