I've been a member of ANWA since that fateful day nearly a decade ago when I opened that wonderful rejection letter from Covenant Books. Someone had obviously read my novel, and felt there was enough good in it to deserve a comment or two--indeed three pages of them. The bottom line gave me the best suggestion I'd had to date. "You should find and join a writing group."

About that same time I got a good shove in that direction when my friend Vera handed me some literature she had about ANWA. Vera said she wasn't interested in writing, but thought I might be. I was. I joined. I've had a blast, learned a lot, and am close to publishing "Lolly's Yarn." I admit I've not even opened the return envelope with the ms for that first promising novel, but I will some day, after I've filled my children's mandate to write my memoirs.

What has ANWA done for me? Let me count the ways: Friendship with wonderful, talented women who share a passion for writing. They give me encouragement., suggestions, support, enterainment, wider viewpoint, and that wonderful feeling of belonging, of striving to give value and receiving more. I won't bore you with the paragraphs I could add. But know this:  I'm very, very, very glad to be a member.

Anna Arnett


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