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Welcome to my AnnaArnett.com website!
I'm pleased to announce the publication of my second book
Just A Woman
Romping Through Poetry with Anna Laurene Arnett

What's New...

A signed copy of Just A Woman and/or Lolly's Yarns can be ordered right from here, or anywhere throughout this website where you see this ad in the sidebar!

The little [+] symbol toward the bottom of the ad, when clicked, will reveal more than everything you might need to know about the ordering process works.

Of course, you can always buy a copy of Just A Woman through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or CreateSpace. It just won't be signed. They might offer small discounts on occasion and usually offer free shipping on combined orders.

Follow along in celebration of National Poetry Month with thirty Poem-A-Day blogs during the month of April.

This is a great way to expand your poetic horizons, not to mention getting a glimpse into Section Two of Just A Woman.

Feel free to post your own poems as comments on any and all of these Poem-A-Day blogs.

Take a Romp through Poetry
With Thirty Blogs
During the Month of April

National Poetry Month

Poem-A-Day Challenge

Back in 2011 I accepted a poem-a-day challenge issued by Stephanie Abney of ANWA, or American Night Writers Association, a national organization founded to aid and encourage LDS women who want to write but often can only do so after the family is in bed. The title has stuck, though the membership has enlarged to include teens and old ladies.

This take-it-or-leave-it challenge urged those who accepted to complete a poem each day in April, following specific instructions that were posted each morning, some time before noon. Sometimes it was easy, at other times it was very difficult to think of anything remotely reasonable.

From this experience I gained new understanding of and appreciation for poetry. Perhaps you will, too.

These Poem-A-Day blogs are, in essence, a glimpse of Section 2 of my book Just A Woman.

— Anna Laurene Arnett


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